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Saving Wild Life

It is impossible for me not to help these little creatures. With common sense, if Mother Nature is not able to protect them, I will step up for the challenge.

Northern Saw-whet Owl Rescue: In March 2018, I was driving along, taking in the beauty of the last of the melting snow, along a quiet paved road that follows the bank of the Ottawa River.

Ahead in the distance, still too far to make out clearly, there seemed to be two animals placed on the yellow-painted divider line. Slowing down, I got closer and approached carefully. I then realized that a large Raven was hopping and dancing in a threatening way inches close to a tiny baby owl. My first thought.... this little one must have been shaken from its nest and landed on the paved road below. Without putting much thought into my actions, I stopped and parked my car width-wise so that no car coming from behind could pass me. I was later reprimanded for this task. Approaching them on foot, thinking for sure that both birds would fly off. The Raven did take flight angrily, only to circle me and its prey. I managed to shoo this menacing large bird away. I always prefer that Mother Nature takes control, hoping that fear would entice the little owl to fly off. I quickly decided that he was in shock. Trusting and allowing me to pick him up without a fight. A better choice than to be left as a meal for the Raven, I was becoming doubtful for this little one, thinking that I had given up on surviving. My head raced, it was a Sunday, and no business that could be helpful was open. But I was not going to leave him behind for a raven feast. Meanwhile, in my car, my 2 large dogs, Bailey, a Bernese Mountain Dog and Seamus, a Great Pyrenees stretched out the back, waiting for me patiently. I placed my new little friend on the floor of the front passenger side of the car.

He didn't appear nervous or daunted at the fact of being put in a car with a human and 2 large dogs. If you look at the photo above, I swear his gaze is telling me that he was grateful. I was completely at a loss, not knowing how to care for this little guy. Heading towards home, in roughly 5 minutes, this little one decided to take flight! In my car!!!! Luckily, still driving on country roads, I pulled over to stop the car. My dogs were becoming agitated with this little one flying in circles above their heads. I was surprised and grateful when he landed in front of my steering wheel on the dash of the car. I quickly concluded that he was going to be ok and survive. I decided that Mother Nature should take it from here. I gently picked him up. once outside of the car, this little one sat calmly open and comfortably in my opened cupped hands. Maybe a minute had passed, and I didn't want to rush him, he then took a flight to perch on a tree across the road. He watched me for minutes. His gaze followed me as I drove away. I like to believe that he was thanking me. I left him knowing he would be fine, far from the Raven's clutch. I later learnt that he is a mature full-grown Northern Saw-whet Owl. One of the smallest owl species.

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