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Accepting & adjusting to change

Turning 50 was very hard, but turning 60 was fabulous! The great news is.... we grieve for a time, but its that morning you wake up to realize, MY LIFE IS NOW MINE!!!! This powerful affirmation must be embraced with excitement!

I wrote this blog post almost 10 years ago. I was then feeling sorry for myself and very lost. I breathed and lived for my children. I now know that I was not alone in this transition and adjustment.

My story, year 2015:

My greatest struggle started a little more than 6 years back... I was not looking forward to turning 50. In those approaching months I learnt that my relationship was soon to come apart. I was no longer the apple of my boyfriends eye. He had found a younger, 24 year old to be more exciting. I began to feel very ugly, old, wrinkled and fat.....

The combination of accepting that I was single and soon to be an empty nester was overwhelming. My mind raced with unanswered questions. How was I going to deal with this transition that was out of my control? Was that it? Was that my life? I could not see my future....

During this time, my youngest, my fourth child was still living at home with me. I was grateful to hang on to that thin thread left of my family life. She helped me cope with the adjustment of being single.

But she also needed to find her way. I was able to focus on her, but also recognized that I had to now also focus on myself.

With more time to myself, I realized I could begin doing the things I had put on hold, while raising my family for the last 30 years. I reminded myself that 'I AM AN ARTIST!!!' Being creative is my salvation. I could bring to fruit all my passions, unbridled. - With the introduction to Facebook, I began reaching out to old friends and started travelling. - I took out my stained glass supplies and began creating and making pieces again. - I was always curious to learn about natures bounty, how to make use of plants and herbs. - I had to quench my knowledge of 'back to basics'. Dipping candles, making soap, spinning wool.... - Music was welcomed back into my life. I dusted off my guitar and found my voice once more. - What is most important to me,I began teaching 'ART'.

presently, YEAR 2022

I truly am the happiest one could be. I still nurture by teaching and reaching out to many through my Drawing, Painting & Creative Workshops. My 4 children have families of their own and I am a blessed Nana to 5 grandchildren, with more to come. LIFE is good, EMBRACE the change with a positive attitude.

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