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Accepting & adjusting to change

Turning fifty was a difficult milestone, but turning sixty was an absolute delight! The good news is that although we grieve, there comes a time when we wake up and realize that our life is now ours. Embrace this powerful affirmation with excitement!

I wrote this blog post almost a decade ago while feeling lost and sorry for myself, with my children being my sole motivation. Now I know that many others have gone through this transition and adjustment.

My story, year 2015:

It all began more than six years ago when I was approaching my fiftieth birthday. I was dreading the milestone and to make matters worse, I learned that my relationship was about to fall apart. My boyfriend had lost interest in me and had found someone younger - a twenty-four-year-old who he found more exciting. I began to feel very ugly, old, wrinkled and fat.....

The realization of my upcoming empty nest and single status was overwhelming. My mind was consumed with unanswered questions. How would I deal with this transition that was beyond my control?

I could not see my future....

At that time, I still had my youngest child, my fourth, living with me at home. I was thankful for that small remaining piece of my family life, as my daughter provided comfort and helped me adjust to being single.

She needed to find her own path. I focused on her but also myself.

After finding myself with more free time, I realized I could finally pursue the things I had put on hold while raising my family for the past 30 years. I reminded myself that I am an artist and that being creative is my salvation. I now had the opportunity to bring all my passions to fruition without any limitations.

With the advent of Facebook, I started reaching out to old friends and acquaintances, which led to me travelling more frequently. I also took out my stained glass supplies and began creating and making pieces again. - I've always been curious about the bounty of nature and how to utilize plants and herbs. - I wanted to learn traditional skills like candle-making, soap-making, and wool-spinning. - Music became a welcomed addition in my life as I dusted off my guitar and found my voice once more. - Teaching 'ART' has become the most important thing to me.

presently, YEAR 2022

I am incredibly happy. I continue to share my passion for art by teaching and hosting creative workshops. My four children have started their own families and I am fortunate to be a proud Nana to five grandchildren with more on the way. LIFE is good, EMBRACE the change with a positive attitude.

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