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Saving the Baby Racoon Cubs

It is impossible for me not to help these little creatures. With common sense, if mother nature is not able to protect them, I will definitely step up for the challenge.

Saving Baby Racoons: Who will take charge of a nest of baby racoons? The mother has been trapped? ME of course....

Family of baby racoons: Quite a few years ago..... A nest of racoons had to be removed from within walls of the company I was working for at the time. Having caught the mother, the trappers had decided the fate of the young ones. "Place them deep in the woods, they'll survive".

That decision didn't sit well with the employees. And for what ever reason? I was voted to take them home!!!!

This was a first for me. Luckily, Google provided in depth care instructions. The babies were still suckling, needing their mother. With a freshly made batch of makeshift milk and an eyedropper, I would feed them 1 at a time. I became the mother.

Within weeks they quickly outgrew the nest I created in my shower stall. Forced me to find another lodging. Converting the rejected chicken coop was idyllic!

They were fun and very entertaining, following the kids and myself everywhere. But they grew big quickly and became more demanding. I needed to find a permanent home for them. I reached out to multiple rescue centres to take them or for references where to bring them? Like the trappers, there was no empathy for these little ones.... reasoning that there is an infestation of racoons. But I grew fond of these little ones I had nurtured. I knew they would not survive on their own in the wild after my hand feeding them An angel of a person, heard of my dilemma. She found a sanctuary 3hrs away in Thedford Mines, Que. She, myself and a boyfriend at the time (who could not justify why we were doing this) headed out for a 3 hr drive with these screaming racoons. They were placed in a cage with other racoons about the same age. It did tear my heart, seeing them climbing and clinging to the fenced cage, screaming as they saw me walking away..... and leaving them..... I gave and offered them a chance at life. I wonder if they think of me sometime.... Im sure they don't but I am grateful to have had them for those few months.

These are my photos I have taken during the summer of 2020.

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