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Saved from the Jaws of the Big Bad Cat!

It was impossible for me to not help the little creature that I saw being chased and threatened.

Baby Black Squirrel: I had no idea how old this little one was or where to find its nest. Glancing at my backyard, I saw some animals scurrying around. After a second look, I noticed that the neighbor's cat was about to pounce on a weaker animal. Without thinking, I ran towards the cat to scare it away. The cat saw me as a bigger threat and quickly ran off.

To my surprise, the little black baby squirrel didn't run away and let me pick it up. The squirrel was exhausted and had accepted its fate until I came along. I kept my hands open just in case it wanted to escape, but it stayed with me. I even fed it some peanuts, and it happily ate them. It was a good sign that it was willing to eat and had decided to survive. After finding the little one, I faced the difficult decision of what to do with him. I wanted to give him a chance to return to his natural life, but I didn't know how. So, I spent several hours feeding and giving him water to help him regain his strength. Then, I got an idea.

I filled a drawstring cloth bag with fresh grass, a few flowers, and lots of peanuts. It was already getting dark, so I placed the little one, who was badly in need of some rest, gently into the cloth bag. I left a narrow opening for him to get out and hung the bag about 6 feet from a branch in a huge pine tree. I hoped that when he woke up and decided to emerge from his tiny BnB, he would recognize his surroundings and find his way back to his natural habitat.

I trusted that I had made the right decision. The next morning, I found that the temporary BnB empty

These are my photos I have taken during the summer of 2020.

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