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Saved from the Jaws of the Big Bad Cat!

It is impossible for me not to help these little creatures. I question 'WHY' did I, at a glance, see this little one being chased and threatened???.

Baby Black Squirrel: I had no clue how old this little one was. Nor where his nest was for me to return him to. At a glance, looking into my backyard, I caught the movement of scurrying animals. Staring a little longer, I realized the neighbours cat, mouth open, was seconds from clamping down on this, not quite as fast, little fellow. On impulse, I ran without questioning myself, how to go about this. The bulk of my movements got the attention of the big bad cat. Seeing me as an even bigger threat to the situation, he decided to turn tail and disappear. To my surprise, the little black baby squirrel simply stood in its place. Allowing me to reach down, hold him, his heart raced. He was tired, to the point of having accepting his fate. I kept my hands open, should he decide to escape. But he stayed, feeling the security I was offering him. I fed him peanuts. It is always a very good sign when an animal eats. He has chosen to survive! Now I had to decide what to do with him? As always, with hope of returning him to his natural life. But how? Hours later.... After feeding and plenty of water... I filled a draw string cloth bag with fresh grass, few flowers and LOTS of peanuts. Now being dusk, I gently placed this little one, who was badly in need of a rest, in the cloth bag. I created a narrow opening by leaving the bag slack enough for the baby to get out. I then hung the bag a good 6 feet from a branch in a huge pine tree. In hope that when he woke and decided to emerge, from his tiny BnB, he would recognize his surroundings. I once again put trust that I reacted in proper fashion. The next morning, the BnB, that temporarily lodged my little companion was empty. Most of the peanuts had been eaten. He now is back in the hands of mother nature.....

These are my photos I have taken during the summer of 2020.

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