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My FurBaby Soul & Mate

I am so in love with this kind, loyal, loving Fur Creature. Misty will be 4 yrs old, May 2022. We are inseparable...

Now that the kids have moved on with families of their own, I live with the company of 2 cats and my dog Misty. To be so loved unconditionally fills my void of my having to deal with an empty nest. She came to me when she was 8 weeks old. Such a smart young pup. Easy to train and constantly trying to please me.

During the summer, I work evenings. I leave after supper and return home in the morning. I was concerned how Misty would adapt to my absence. Fortunately, at the time I have a friend living with me. So Misty was never alone. As I would leave for work, I would put a rug at the door for Misty to pee, if she found the night too long a wait for my return. I would wash it, place it on the arm of the chair closest to the door. Then I would lay the mat as I would leave for work. One night, I did not realize till I returned home.... I had forgotten to place Mistys pad down the night before. I was surprised to find the mat in a heap on the floor close to the legs of the chair, soaking wet. Misty had pulled the mat down so that she could relieve herself! Such a smart girl.

She is a beauty, inside & out. The best companion I could ask for. I take her everywhere. She loves sitting up in the passenger seat as we drive around. We get a lot of people pointing and smiling. Misty is also a great travel companion. She stays close while off leash. I don't worry for her getting into mischief.

I just LOVE her to bits. I'm sure she'll appear in more of my blogs.

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