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Heather Crimmins, student artist

A very gifted participant of 4Korners, Seniors Wellness Group, Painting and Drawing Workshops. Teacher; Carol Lyng. These 4Korners workshops are open to all, no experience needed and they're free! For more information on joining, click here.

"I am a senior, senior that discovered drawing and painting with Carol Lyng."

"The sessions are informative and Carol has taught me how to break down the image that I am working on not by the picture but by the shapes and colours."

"These lessons have been just what I needed during the lock down, something to look forward to, building confidence, enjoyment and joy in what I am able to accomplish. Thank you Carol and 4Korners for giving us this opportunity."

To register for these workshops contact: 450 974 3940 | 1 888 974 3940 ext. 601


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