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Lydia Kennedy, student artist

I am proud and grateful to be a participant in 4Korners, a seniors' wellness group, as well as painting and drawing workshops. Teacher; Carol Lyng. These 4Korners workshops are open to all, no experience needed and they're free! For more information on joining, click here.

"My name is lydia kennedy, I live in pine Hill, Quebec. I’ve painted and drawn all of life, off and on . But I had put it aside for years. Till the two year ago. I was introduced to zoom and Carol Lyng."

"Carol, has given back my love of art. She given me the courage and confidence to paint on my own. I would encourage anyone , even if they they can’t do it. To join us. The laugher, joy, and words of encouragement, are wonderful."

"Here are two samples of our drawing class."

"Because of these classes I was able to draw this on my own."

To register for these workshops contact: 450 974 3940 | 1 888 974 3940 ext. 601


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