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Christine Bennett-Kasprzyk, student artist

An inspiring artist and participant of 4Korners' Seniors Wellness Group, Painting and Drawing Workshops. Teacher: Carol Lyng. These 4Korners workshops are open to all, no experience needed and they're free! For more information on joining, click here.

"My name is Chris. I was born and raised in Montreal. In 1974, my husband, Ed, and I moved to Wentworth, a small community in the Laurentians where we have brought up our family. Our daughter, Kim, whose passion is aquatics, lives nearby with her husband and our two wonderful granddaughters. Our son, Mike, is currently living and working in Iqaluit, Nunavut."

"Over my career, I have held positions in Marketing, Purchasing and for the last 30 years, until 2015, I worked as an inspector and, later, Environment, Urbanism and Public Works Director at the Township of Wentworth."

"Since my retirement, I have been busy with family and friends as well as with community life. When the pandemic arrived, a lot changed and I was feeling a little lost."

"Then I discovered 4 Korners and was thrilled when they offered online courses to fill some of my empty hours. It was there that I was reintroduced to Carol Lyng who was giving drawing and painting classes. I would never have discovered my passion for drawing and painting without them. Carol is a very talented, diversified artist and a dedicated, patient teacher who has brought out an artistic side of me which I never knew I possessed. Along with her talent, Carol brings her sense of humour and sensitivity of make our classes so enjoyable."

To register for these workshops contact: 450 974 3940 | 1 888 974 3940 ext. 601


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