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So simple with a most satisfying result! Loosing ones self in the process of candle making is the most calming experience!

It took years, striving for the perfect candle. My favourite today is a soya based candle with wood wick and a simple clean and fresh, fragrance oil.

As simple as it may seem. There is a calculated and balanced measurement needed of ingredients for a candle to burn.

I LOVE the natural organic look of a dressed candle. I'll go for walks and hunt for small detailed accents to decorate my finished candle. Mason jars have proven to be the most trusted and reliable to withstand the heat of the wick and melted wax.

Ideas for dressing up is endless. With the four seasons and multiple celebrated holidays, it is fun to spruce up the candles accordingly.

Winter and Christmas themed candles.

Even Halloween, Samhain has choice colours with the perfect match of scent.

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