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The process is simple, yet the result is highly satisfying! Losing oneself in the process of candle making can be an incredibly calming experience.

After years of striving for the perfect candle, my favourite is now a soy-based candle with a wood wick and a simple, clean, and fresh fragrance.

Creating a candle flame is not as simple as it may seem. A calculated and balanced measurement of ingredients is necessary for a candle to burn.

I absolutely adore the natural and organic appearance of a dressed candle. Whenever I go for a walk, I keep my eyes peeled for little decorative items that would be perfect for finishing off my candle creations. I have found that mason jars are the most dependable and sturdy containers to use as they can withstand the heat of both the wick and melted wax without any issues.

Ideas for dressing up are endless. With four seasons and multiple holidays, it's fun to decorate candles accordingly.

Candles with a winter and Christmas theme.

During Halloween or Samhain, there are specific colors that match well with certain scents.

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