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Upcycling used Tin Cans

I have always loved the Vintage 'Shabby Chic' Style. For this project, I used discarded soup tins and transformed them into pretty pieces of art. I have broken down the task with easy step-by-step instructions to create such unique versatile beauties. Once COVID subsides and permits gatherings, I will offer these workshops to the public.

Workshop: These workshops can be brought to your home. I will provide all the materials needed. Tins, various choices of wallpaper, Mod Podge, choice of lace and paper flowers. Allowing you to create your own personalized Decorative Tin.

What is Shabby Chic Style? It is about furnishings that appear aged with signs of wear and tear giving the appearance of being antique. These images are only a few samples. In my workshops, there will be a vast choice of colours and patterns for you to choose from.

Allowing you to personalize your very own creation. If you are interested in having a workshop, please reach out to me for more info.

This workshop was inspired by visuals on Pinterest. I took a few of the visual ideas and created my craft.

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