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Weaving Blankets with my Loom

It's only been a few years. I have always wanted to sit down at a loom and lose myself in the rhythmic trance of weaving.

I have been blessed. I was offered this Leclerc Loom. Fate has put a good friend in my path who was raised watching his grandmother weave. He offered me his expertise and had me setting up and looming in no time.

Weaving has held up to all my expectations. The vigilant calculations of weft versus warp. Selection of colours in the hope that the final woven piece would turn out as I had visualized...

This blanket was gifted to my eldest daughter's family. I purposely chose her favourite colours. What a wonderful feeling knowing that this blanket warms my loved ones.

I chose a washable wool. Knowing my children that have been brought up in a generation where 'Easy care is best'. This blanket warms my loved ones every day knowing it can be washed and dried over and over and over again.

I have recently relocated and have yet to set up my loom. The months keep slipping by, I'm still unpacking boxes. My loom awaits patiently. I hope to soon find its proper corner in my new home. Then, once more, I'll find myself in the blissful trance of weaving.

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