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Benjamin Lachapelle, student artist

Ben is a founding member of Autism & Arts in the Laurentians (AAL), a socio-recreational arts club for neurodivergent young adults which Carol has been teaching since 2017.

“Hi, I’m Ben Lachapelle. I’m an autistic artist, author and illustrator of children’s books from Mirabel in the Laurentians. I paint, draw and sculpt all animals and ONLY animals."

"I take many art lessons from Carol Lyng. She is my friend.” Ben Lachapelle

Ben appreciates Carol’s painting lessons and always has fun at her artisan/crafting workshops (like making soap and wind chimes)

Ben is also a very grateful participant of 4Korner’s on-line drawing and painting workshops given by Carol since April 2020. He takes part in weekly kids’ drawing sessions and is also graciously welcomed by the seniors in their painting and drawing workshops. 4Korner’s services and support have allowed Ben to improve his art skills and stay engaged and connected to community during the pandemic.

Ben was very proud to take part in 4Korner’s Oct 23, 2021 “At A Distance” Exhibition, which showcased Carol’s student’s artwork. He enjoyed the work of his fellow artists and seeing Carol (in person, not virtually).

Ben learned many new ways to draw with Carol. This is the logo of Ben Animalia. Ben made this at an AAL drawing workshop given by Carol.

“Ben’s coloring style for many of his picture books and illustrations has evolved greatly under Carol’s caring and supportive teaching. She connects with Ben and has made such an impact in our lives.” Julie Chou (Ben’s mother)

These 4Korners workshops are open to all, no experience needed and they are free! To register for these 4Korners workshops contact: 450 974 3940 | 1 888 974 3940 ext. 601


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