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Releasing The Child Within


So picture this...
A 6 year old girl with knotted bed hair. She stands in an open field surrounded waist high in wild flowers. Wearing missed matched, hot pink polka dot top with lime yellow striped pants. Barefoot of course, toes dug deep into the warm dry earth. She does not allow that small pointed pebble, stabbing under her left foot, discourage her trance. Eyes closed, her nose reaches for the sky. She inhales and envisions the colours of warmth. The breeze orchestrates the sound of chirping birds, the high pitch trill of field crickets accompanied with the soft rustle, the unrehearsed dance of the tall dry grass.
Well that little girl is me!!!!
For the following years, society reformed me to be conventional. Because this is what we are supposed to do, or so I thought...  Those years I struggled, trying to fit in, causing confusion and unhappiness. I never could quite fit in...

Finally at a ripe old age, I broke the mold society created for me. I am proud to wear polka dots and stripes if I choose.


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