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Rebecca, student artist

Grateful & talented participant of 4Korners, Seniors Wellness Group, Painting and Drawing Workshops. Thank you Rebecca for sharing your story. Teacher; Carol Lyng.

These 4Korners workshops are open to all, no experience needed and they're free! For more information on joining, click here.

"4Korners' couldn't have chosen a better time in my life to open up these drawing & painting workshops. Carol & Melanie have been so understanding in providing me with the lessons even though I would not be able to attend. I feel so lost now that my brother (& I am sure he was my soul mate) has gone home but I can & do look forward to both classes each week. A beginner artist and rarely satisfied with my results bu I am trying and am enjoying each lesson. Can't thank you enough for all you do for me & many others."

"When I was faced with forced early retirement due to recurring bouts of BPPV (benign positional paradoxyl vertigo) as a result from a stroke, my husband decided the only way I would slow down was to move us into the woods (literally). We still had two of our 4 sons with us at the time. This was in 2010, by 2012 both boys had moved on their own. Slow me down??? I went from being a special needs educator to a caregiver for a brother in need not considering my own health issues. This is who I am. With the help of my husband we took care of his needs till he passed 6 yrs later. I handled all the funeral & legal arrangements for him. Simultaniously another brother passed under unthinkable conditions & I recuperated his body from the hospital where his son was going to leave him, vanishing with his father's inheritance. Not six months later the youngest & last of my 4 brothers was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He & I have always been together, being the two youngest of a large family. My husband & I became his caregivers & saw him through his 4 year battle with cancer. When he passed, I handled all the legal work & funeral arrangements since his wife was not able. Also it was at my brother's request. So in just these past 5 yrs, I have lost 3 brothers and 3 nephews."

To register for these workshops contact: 450 974 3940 | 1 888 974 3940 ext. 601


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